Advanced Technology for Better Dentistry

At Neighborhood Smiles in La Crosse, we’re dedicated to continuing education to learn the latest techniques and treatments, and to our investment in the most advanced dental technology. For our patients, better technology means:

  • Fewer appointments with less time spent in the dental chair
  • Less invasive procedures with less pain & faster recovery
  • Better diagnosis & treatment planning
  • Earlier detection of disease & decay
  • Better outcomes & longer-lasting restorations
  • An overall better dental experience & better oral health

LANAP® Laser Gum Disease Treatment

LANAP® is the world’s first ever FDA cleared protocol for True Regeneration™. This means we can now not only treat your gum disease with a less invasive, laser alternative to surgery, but we can actually regenerate healthy gum tissue, reverse the devastating effects of gum disease, and save teeth.



At Neighborhood Smiles, one of our primary missions as your allies for oral health is to prevent tooth decay. Tooth decay is the #1 most common chronic disease among children in America. That’s why we’re proud to partner with CariFree® in this mission. CariFree® offers a wide range of specialty products including toothpastes, rinses and gels to help keep tooth decay at bay.